Challenge Yourself.

Don’t settle for less. Soar high and be Great.

Challenge yourself.

I personally grew up with fear of facing challenges. Not because I never had the ability to endure the challenge, but simply because I feared to fail.

So what holds you back from facing your challenges?. Your reason might be far much different from mine, but trust me the reason ain’t authentic at all.

One thing that stood out clearly to me in the start of this year is that God gives us challenges that take us to the next level. We might not see this but it sometimes happens in disguise.

So today I tell you to challenge yourself to be brave and face your fear of challenges. Embrace each challenge with a winning attitude. This is called the Winners Quality. Believing that you will win in everything you set out yourself to do. If you have the mental picture of winning then nothing will stop you.

Someone once said that the greatest tragedy in life is not that we aim to high and miss, but rather we aim to low and hit.

How have you been setting your goals and targets?. Have they been too low for you to hit or have they been too high. Some of you limit yourselves from setting high goals and end up setting low goals simply because you just want something that you will easily achieve. You don’t want to take risks. This ain’t growth. You are just retarding yourself.

Many passengers think that planes are dangerous to flying. But the fact is that it is a lot more dangerous for a plane to stay on the ground. This is because on the ground a plane starts to rust, malfunction and wear out much faster than it never would if it was in the air. Decide to fly high and operate from a zone that your were created to operate from. You were not created a mediocre!

Let me challenge you today.

Decide to challenge yourself in every aspect of life. Set goals that are higher than the ones you set out yesterday. This is what we call growth. When you grow your target/goals then you grow yourself too. Harness your will and gather your nerves to challenge yourself.

I hope this post helps you to challenge yourself and elevate you to higher levels.

Be blessed.

Remy Lucious Motivation

Get inspired, change the World.

Step into your fears; Decide to act

Most of many people are held captive by fear. They never take action despite the zeal and desire inside them to act. You will agree with me that failure has killed many dreams than failure ever did. It pushes you away from putting your abilities into action. It also makes you doubt your capabilities despite you knowing that you can do what you are fearing.

” I know that I need to do this but I don’t feel like it and I don’t wanna do this. ”

The words above have been daily thoughts and perhaps language to many of you. You might have heard your friends, relatives or even yourself saying it a couple of times.

What are some of the reasons that have made you not harness your will to act? What has been making you not to raise your standards despite knowing what you are capable of ?. Many are the times you’ve talked yourself out of it. You never believed that you can do what you intend or wish to do and that which you need to do.

I’ll draw an example from my life. In the past (up to the end of last year) I’ve always battled with waking up early(I believe most people struggle with this). I knew very well that waking up early would change my life in the sense that I will accomplish a lot by doing that. I know the term early may vary from one person to another . So let’s work with my early. Many times I’ve scribbled my diary putting down the resolution that I will be waking up at 4:00am each day. Now all of you will attest to the fact that setting a resolution and acting to it are two different things. When I say different I don’t mean one is harder than the other. All I mean is that most times we find ourselves not acting on our resolutions due to one reason or another.

So what are some of the reasons that prevent us from acting on our resolutions despite us knowing how fulfilling it is to work on them and what drift of change it will bring to our lives. Below are some of the reasons that prevent us from acting.

  • Fear of Failure. All my life I have always hated failure and if I knew I’ll fail after doing something then I wouldn’t do it. I would always opt not to take a risk if I was not sure of succeeding. Now, you all need to understand that this is a very bad perception in life. Failure and success they come hand in hand. You have to fail for you to succeed. Make it okay to fail. Anything worth doing is worth doing badly until you get it right. When you fail at something, you’ve learnt one way not to do it. That’s a lesson by itself. Sometimes when we fail it’s not always a failure . It’s a lesson in disguise. When a small kid is learning how to walk they fall down innumerable times. How many of parents ever say ” Oh my child! You’ve failed so many times just stop struggling with learning how to walk. This is just not your thing ”. You don’t say that rather you let the kid fall down as many times as they can so that they can finally know how to walk by themselves. Same principle applies to life success. You will fail many times( but no one is counting 😊) before you attain your success. So train yourself to make it okay to fail.
  • Fear of disappointment. Some fear disappointment that comes with failure. They’d rather not take a chance than get disappointed in failing.
  • Fear of loss. This is fear of losing. Either losing something or someone you treasure. Sometimes it is to lose someone you love. Most times it is because we seek approval from the people we love. If doing something will make us lose their approval we end up not doing it. But you need to understand that in life, you will lose some people on your way to your destiny. This has happened to me in the past. Last year I lost someone that had been special to me since 2016. Losing them was the least thing I’d ever wished for. This kept me on leaning on my potential and not doing some of the things that I ought to have been doing. I have lost close friends in the past. Some we grew up together while others we schooled together. I later realized that releasing them from my life was the best, and I repeat best thing that happened in my life. If you act on your best interest, you are going to lose people. Some will even end up saying you are arrogant. Be kind enough to yourself not to buy that.
  • Lack of self confidence. Most times we fear from acting because we don’t believe in ourselves. I’ve been a victim of this since I was a kid. I never believed in myself and I always doubted myself. I saw myself ordinary and never believed in my potential despite people around me believing in me. Most times I did things simply because someone has said to me ” You can do this man, I believe in you! ”. It’s always good to have people around you who believe in you. But it’s more important If you believe in yourself most than anybody else. The Bible tells us that we can do all things through Christ who strengthens us( Philippians 4:13). Make a conscious deliberate determined effort to always believe in yourself. Never doubt yourself at any point in life.
  • Not wanting to take personal responsibility. We want other people to do it but not us. So we fall into context, ideas and opinions of other people’s doings. This makes us not to engage in things that reflect our abilities and talents since we want other people to do it. I’ll advice you to always take responsibility and never walk away from it.

Gather your nerves and put yourself into it. Decide that you are going to push yourself. Harness your will and sail through it. Raise your standards and take action since you well know what you are capable of. Stop wasting your valuable time and step into your fears. You will start to discover things about yourself that you didn’t even know about.

Move from realm of dreams to sphere of possibilities.

Remy Lucious Motivation

Get inspired, Change the World


If you want to change something out of life, if you want to acquire something or if you want to take a new course, it’s not easy as some people will make us feel. Changing your behavior, overcoming negatives. It’s challenging.

Sometimes, if not most times, we end up coming up with resolutions on how to start doing things differently and take a new plan of action. I bet most of you did this in the start of this year. New Year resolutions!

Some of you have been doing this New Year resolution thing at the start of each year. But how many people really put their resolution fully into action? Just be sincere with yourself. Most times, these resolutions end up a myth or a dream that never came true simply because some people are never willing to put in action.

Today I’ll share some tips on how to up your game and take action. This will help you raise your standards and be iconic.

  • Write down what you want. There some things you’ve been desiring to do but you end up not doing at all. Write them down. A dream not written down is nothing other than a fantasy.
  • See yourself there. This simply means you visualize yourself having done or achieved whatever goal you’ve set to achieve. There is something special that comes with visualizing. It makes you feel energetic and gives you a sense of responsibility towards your dreams. It turns you to a mettlesome and with that you have the energy to go after what you want.

If you can see it in your mind, you can hold it with your hands.

  • Know why you are doing it. Make sure you have good reasons that have pushed you to do what you are doing. Write down some reasons why you deserve what you want. When you have some down moments,of which they must come, pull this up and it will motivate you. It will give you a sense of triumph despite all odds that come your way.

When you want something, you gotta be willing to go into action. Don’t wait for things to be perfect/ideal situation. There is no such thing as perfect time. In my previous blog, I talked about using what you have to get started. You have all it takes to get started and get into action. Start where you are with what you have.

Your future is based on the decisions you make and the actions you take.

After reading this post, I hope you will take action and start working on your dreams. Be a different person from who you were before reading this post because you have been blessed to learn how to take action. Don’t just let this be an ordinary post without effect in your life. Let it change you for your good and for your betterment. If it changes you also don’t forget to have a ripple effect on your close associates too.

Lemme know how you got inspired. Leave a comment below.

Remy Lucious Motivation

Get inspired, change the world.

You have all it takes.

You have all it takes to get things done. Oh yeah! That’s why I’m writing this to you. That’s why you deserve this post.

Some of you spend too much time in agonizing in the things you lack or lost in the past and fail to seize the brighter side and beauty of the future. You complain a lot about what you lack and this makes you not to do the things you know you ought to do.

Why is it so hard for people to do the simple things they know they ought to do that can change their lives?. Perhaps you can ponder on that later and get to see what I have for you right now.

Whatever happened in the past was preparing you for the future. You might not see that but trust me mate, it’s true. Some of you have lost much in the past and this makes you feel like you got nothing left to move on and start it over again. Lemme tell you something special that you need to hear today.

You have all it takes.

As simple as that may sound

You might have heard someone say this before and it just sounded like a cliche that you are used to. Take a look at it in another perspective. Whatever you have is enough for you to start. Some of you have brilliant ideas that if worked on will propel your community and the World at large forward. But what do you do? You fear to start working on your ideas simply because you think you don’t have what it takes.

I wanna challenge you today. Are you ready for the challenge? I bet you said yes without hesitation 😊. So this is it, Start studying backgrounds of some of the successful people you know regardless of the field they are in. You’ll be surprised to find out that some were even in worse situations than the one you are in right now. But despite that they stood against all odds and believed that they had what it takes. I believe and trust you too can embrace that and start now. Have some trust in your abilities too.

You don’t have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great.

Stop dwelling on contemplation of what you lack and be thankful for what you have. Start now.

I trust that after reading this post you will start acting differently. You will develop a plan of action on the things you have been putting on hold simply because you thought you did not have all it takes.

———-Remy Lucious Motivation————————Get inspired, change the World ———